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The Slippery Slopes of Customer Loyalty in the Digital Era

Bajor Lívia

The Slippery Slopes of Customer Loyalty in the Digital Era

At the age of computers, internet, smart phones, apps and hand-held devices everything is at our fingertips and face to face interactions are at an all-time low. Does this mean that customer loyalty has less significance? Quite the opposite!

Countless studies have proved that customers are more likely to turn away and jump to competitors when they have an unpleasant experience with their current services/providers/favorite brands, no matter how long they have had a relationship with a company. Meaning that maintaining high-quality customer experience at all times is more crucial than ever to retain customers. Take a guess how many bad experiences clients need to stop shopping with a brand! Only two, at least according to a research from Vision Critical that’s all it takes for 42 percent of Americans. Considering that it takes approximately seven times more to gain a new customer than it does to retain one, it’s definitely worth to make an effort and keep your current ones loyal. Here come a few tips on how you can actually do that.

  • Ease of access – an easy to use website both on desktop and mobile

Your clients are most likely millennials a.k.a. digital natives who were born and raised in the digital era with WiFi in their genes. They make decisions in split seconds and are used to being able to get information quickly and effectively. Pre-existing loyalty might make a current client to turn to you first but a clumsy website/Facebook page/app will rapidly turn them around. Personalized promotions, e-payment options and quality content can go a long way in keeping your customers loyal. It’s also necessary to consider implementing omnichannel marketing solutions that provide your customers with an integrated shopping experience.

  • Award-winning customer service – day and night

Needless to say that your customer service not only represents your company, the customer service representatives are the face and the voice of your brand as well. They provide the most memorable interactions between your business and your customers: according to a questionnaire from NewVoiceMedia 49% of U.S. consumers have switched brands due to a poor customer service experience. The most common reasons were feeling unappreciated, rude staff, being redirected multiple times, not being able to speak to a person on the phone and being put on hold for too long. The solution? 24*7, world-class customer service, available 365 days of the year, offering extra services such as free home delivery, customer loyalty rewards program, no-question return policy, referral rewards and early access to promotions. Sounds painful? Remember: it takes approximately seven times more to gain a new customer than it does to retain one.

  • Brand identity – a company that people adore

Do you know what customer loyalty is based on? Positive experiences. Offer a great experience and customer will attach pleasant feelings to your brand. Offer a poor service (even only once) and it will be tied to your brand forever. It is crucial to find your company’s bigger goal and align everything else with it. Is it a quick and easy ordering process like Amazon one-click ordering or an unbelievably educated and smiley staff? Either way, don’t lower your standards and make sure that this good practice sticks around.

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