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Key Benefits of Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Bajor Lívia

Key Benefits of Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

The often-mentioned, currently-happening, digital transformation, brought our new article series to life where we deal with each important part of the global digital process: terms, definitions, know-hows and best practices. Now we put the focus on the key benefits of Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP), which is an up-to-date and easy-to-use platform for all businessmen and -women who want to reach the marketing automation-given advantages.

What are these benefits? In this article, you will understand the significance of the Liferay’s progressive solution, the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) which innovates your opportunities in the digital world. How? Read below about the “marketer-life-saving” digital platform!

1. Identifies immediate needs

As digital business becomes more personalized and unified across devices, it becomes increasingly important to interact with people at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Sophisticated data management streamlines the process of identifying customer pain points or gaps in communication, which can then be leveraged to improve digital experience. When immediate needs are identified in ‘digital customer experience’, companies can act upon them from a place of knowledge, rather than trying to build strategies from incomplete data. The Liferay DXP provides useful tools and gives the opportunity to integrate the proper external products to address and solve the customers’ needs.

2. Improves customer engagement through holistic customer information

Liferay DXP helps improve the omnichannel interaction and constantly tracks, measures and analyzes it in order to keep evolving. Checking the customer behavior at each digital touchpoint is no longer a struggle with customer data like:

  • contact information
  • demographic snapshots
  • psychographic data points: personalities or lifestyles
  • transactional data
  • communication history with the brand
  • account preferences
  • responses to marketing campaigns
  • site engagement tracked through clicks
  • browsing time
  • social media shares
  • etc.

The goal is to discover patterns in customer behavior and improve customers’ experiences, even before they ask for it.

3. Uses integration and flexible architecture

If a digital experience platform achieves an effective level of integration and flexibility, then it will be cost-effective over time. Liferay DXP starts with the core components in one place and product, so it’s not only cost-effective but it’s a long-term investment that mitigates the risk in acting on a digital trend. This could be an advantage for all companies, provided they have the foresight and agility to respond to changes of the market.

These remarkable benefits should be considered if companies want to achieve their business goals through an integrated and efficient software which ensures reliable data, and therefore, growth over time.

Click here and learn more about the Liferay DXP! Let’s try and request a free live demo! You will lose nothing but a great chance, if you don’t!