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How to Fix Your Customer’s Pain Points

Bajor Lívia

How to Fix Your Customer’s Pain Points

As we discussed in our previous article (finding the pain points), it is crucial to identify and fix our customers’ pain points. Having a poorly working website or unpleasant employees might cost you valuable customers since we know that customer loyalty is like walking on thin ice and based on positive experiences. How to create those? Let’s dive in!

When it comes to pain points, the list really is endless. While every company has unique pain points, even compared to other businesses within the same industry, there are a few that are important to all businesses. When deciding on your tactics, you need to ask 3 questions first:

  1. What changes do I have to make to drive the largest improvements?
  2. Which areas definitely need to be improved ASAP?
  3. Which pain points are we losing the most customers to?

After answering these 3 essential questions, you can address some of the most common pain points in an effective and targeted way. Let’s see them!

  • Providing inaccurate information, not listening, being impolite.

Needless to say that it doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, your customers want and need accurate information and good advice in a nice manner when they contact you. If your customer service is not top-notch, or just simply not trained well enough, you might find yourself without customers. Like it or not, you need skilled customer service representatives put in an atmosphere that makes them feel comfortable about taking a few seconds if necessary and finding the right answer.

  • Complicated process in online shopping, having to enter personal information more than once, additional steps needed to complete a purchase

We mentioned the need for omnichannel marketing solutions in our previous article (customer loyalty) but we cannot stress it enough: the growing lack of customer patience and the expectation of an easy-to-use website/app are clearly not negligible. Customers want to act on their decisions immediately and jump between devices without skipping a beat. They won’t go looking for extra information, you have to serve it on a silver platter. It might sound like an exaggeration but it’ll pay off: customers can not only remain engaged but loyal as well, at least according to Rosetta Consulting research.

  • Seeing ads for disliked or already purchased products, improperly addressed communications, treating long-term customers as new ones

One sure fire way to annoy a customer is to keep showing ads/sending emails about a purchase one’s already made. Another one is to send marketing materials that seem personalized, only for a small mistake, for example a missing first name, to show that the customer is not the only one receiving it. Take a guess at what is the most common reason to stop buying from a brand! According to AccessDevelopment.com, 57% of customers named offers sent for products after leaving a bad review for a similar product as the top reason. Sounds pretty high, doesn’t it?

  • + A bonus pain point that you’ve probably experienced too: being on hold for too long

This is a typical ‘favorite’ along with the automated answering machine that just won’t let us talk to a real person. This links back to customer loyalty as well, whereas digital natives make decisions in split seconds and are used to being able to get information quickly and effectively. They do not want to talk to or listen to a machine for minutes, even less to hear nerve-wrecking music for half an hour. You need to either provide so many live agents that the waiting time is minimal or to offer a callback option. You’d appreciate that too, wouldn’t you?

Now you know how to fix the pain points in theory but might have absolutely no idea how to get started. Worry not! Here is a Digital Experience Platform from Liferay which helps you along the way. Request the free demo today!