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How to engage your customers with personalized offers?

Bajor Lívia

How to engage your customers with personalized offers?

All customers want to live in a digital world where are no undesirable ads and where they can get exact informations about relevant products and services which can be useful from their perspective. It’s time to say ’hurray’ because the problem has got a solution because of marketing automation, what is a memorable milestones of digital marketing. If you have already experienced the difficulties of reaching your target group and been disappointed with direct marketing, let’s dive into something efficient: create personalized offers in an automated way! Put the focus on the digital customer experience (DCX)and help your customer through the customer journey!

Video about the advantages of Digital Experience Platform

Take the first step on the road of marketing automation and click to this video below with usable know-how-s and practice-oriented examples from the business life. Meet a professional, Péter Kalmár who is the CEO of Webtown, IT guru, development and sales master and was one of the speakers of the highly successful Liferay & Webtown roadshow.


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Liferay’s Digital Experience Platform - It’s worth to try!

Know more about efficient digital marketing than yesterday! If you decide to watch the video above, you can learn...

  • How to engage your customers with personalized offers in an automated way?

Giving the right content in the right time, in a right way! Let us give you an example from Liferay’s DXP: when you start to browse a webpage first in your life, you are a guest. That’s why you get general contents about the company. But the user activities (clicking and browsing) on the webpage affect the content of the main page. If you click on a relevant service page (subpage), then the main page will change the general content to some special, fits to your actual interests.

  • How converts the targeting content more prospects and increases your ROI?

Thanks for this DXP you can segment users according their identity and activities and create custom rules. After that you can target your audience with actual, personalized content and special offers on any devices (even on desktop, mobile or tablet).

  • How to segment users according activities and identities?

Audience targeting depends on user activities and interests. The valuable clicks of your (wannabe) customers on the service pages/subpages influence the released contents and special offers on the main page. Okay, but how? Through an adjustable point system. Visiting subpages earn points: if the user checks similar service pages, gets more points and become a member of the relevant targeting group with typical characteristics.

  • How to make campaigns?

Through simple settings and unmistakable dashboard with clear start and end dates. Don’t forget, you can have simultaneously more campaigns! It’s easier than you have ever imagined!

  • How to get reports?

In Liferay’s DXP reports are based on the user’s activities and show informations about the sales funnel anytime. If you need informations just click and start monitoring!

Be curious and know more details about how can you make your business life easier!

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